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Sunday, December 8
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[10] Live plant and animal material and supplies
[11] Mineral, textile, inedible plant and animal materials
[12] Chemicals and gas materials
[13] Plastic and rubber materials
[14] Paper materials and products
[15] Fuel and lubricant materials
[20] Mining equipment
[21] Farming, fishing, forestry and wildlife equipment
[22] Building and construction machinery and accessories
[23] Manufacturing machinery and equipment
[24] Material handling, conditioning and storage equipment
[25] Transport vehicles, vehicle components and accessories
[26] Energy generation and power machinery and accessories
[27] Tools and general machinery
[30] Building and construction components and supplies
[31] Manufacturing components and supplies
[32] Electronic components and supplies
[34] Telecommunications equipment and supplies
[39] Electrical and lighting components and supplies
[40] Distribution and conditioning systems and equipment
[41] Laboratory, measuring, observing and testing equipment
[4110] Laboratory and scientific equipment
[4111] Measuring and observing and testing instruments
[411115] Weight measuring instruments   View Commodity
[411116] Length and thickness and distance measuring instruments   View Commodity
[411117] Viewing and observing instruments and accessories   View Commodity
[411118] Non destructive examination equipment   View Commodity
[411119] Indicating and recording instruments   View Commodity
[411121] Transducers   View Commodity
[411122] Temperature and heat measuring instruments   View Commodity
[411123] Humidity and moisture measuring instruments   View Commodity
[411124] Pressure measuring and control instruments   View Commodity
[411125] Liquid and gas flow measuring and observing instruments   View Commodity
[411127] Seed and feed equipment   View Commodity
[411128] Transportation related equipment and instruments   View Commodity
[411129] Navigational equipment and instruments   View Commodity
[411130] Chemical evaluation instruments and supplies   View Commodity
[411131] Gas analyzers and monitors   View Commodity
[411133] Liquid and solid and elemental analyzers   View Commodity
[411134] Nuclear evaluation instruments   View Commodity
[411136] Electrical measuring and testing equipment   View Commodity
[411137] Electronic and communication measuring and testing instruments   View Commodity
[411138] Geophysical and geotechnical instruments   View Commodity
[411139] Soil measuring equipment   View Commodity
[411140] Rock and strata measuring equipment   View Commodity
[411141] Seismological instruments   View Commodity
[411142] Land surveying instruments   View Commodity
[411143] Hydrological instruments   View Commodity
[411144] Meteorological instruments   View Commodity
[411145] Mechanical instruments   View Commodity
[411146] Metals and metallurgy and structural materials testing instruments   View Commodity
[411147] Paper and wood and textile testing instruments   View Commodity
[411148] Ceramics and glass testing instruments   View Commodity
[411151] Coal and ore testing instruments   View Commodity
[411152] Radar and sonar systems and components   View Commodity
[411153] Light and wave generating and measuring equipment   View Commodity
[411154] Spectroscopic equipment   View Commodity
[411155] Sound generating and measuring equipment   View Commodity
[411156] Electrochemical measuring instruments and accessories   View Commodity
[411157] Chromatographic measuring instruments and accessories   View Commodity
[411158] Laboratory flash point testers   View Commodity
[411159] Clinical and diagnostic analyzers and accessories and supplies   View Commodity
[411160] Clinical and diagnostic analyzer reagents   View Commodity
[411161] Manual test kits and quality controls and calibrators and standards   View Commodity
[411162] Patient point of care testing supplies and equipment   View Commodity
[411163] Hygiene monitoring and testing equipment   View Commodity
[411164] Acceleration and vibration measuring instruments   View Commodity
[411165] Instrument parts and accessories   View Commodity
[4112] Laboratory supplies and fixtures
[42] Medical equipment and accessories
[43] Computer equipment, peripherals and supplies
[44] Office equipment and supplies
[45] Printing, photographic, audio and visual equipment
[46] Security and safety equipment and supplies
[47] Cleaning equipment and supplies
[48] Service industry machinery and supplies
[49] Sports and recreational equipment and supplies
[50] Food beverage and tobacco products
[51] Drugs and pharmaceutical products
[52] Domestic appliances and consumer electronic products
[53] Apparel, luggage and personal care products
[54] Timepieces, jewelry and gemstone products
[55] Publications and signage products
[56] Furniture, furnishings and religious products
[60] Musical, games, toys, arts and educational supplies
[70] Farming, fishing, forestry and wildlife services
[71] Mining, oil and gas services
[72] Building, construction and maintenance services
[73] Industrial production and manufacturing services
[76] Industrial cleaning services
[77] Environmental services
[78] Transportation, storage and mail services
[80] Management professional and business admin. services
[81] Engineering, research and technology based services
[82] Editorial, design, graphic and fine art services
[83] Public utilities, telecommunication and info. services
[84] Financial and insurance services
[85] Healthcare services
[86] Education and training services
[90] Travel, food, lodging and entertainment services
[91] Personal and domestic service
[92] Security and safety services
[93] Politics and civic affairs services
[94] Organizations and clubs

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