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Thursday, May 23
About B2gmarket

LUFEX, Inc. is a leading provider of procurement content solutions and services in the Business-to-Government market. With its innovative solutions and highly trained personnel, LUFEX is changing the B2G market in a way that no other company ever has. LUFEX's success dates back to 1999 when it delivered one of the first automated procurement content solutions for procurement content management. Since the start of the service, LUFEX has been growing fast. Currently, more than 4,500 companies worldwide use our service including many Fortune 2000 companies.

Our Goal :
Lufex's goal is to become the world's leading Business-to-Government service web site. We understand the needs of our market and are confident we can meet those needs better than any of our competitors.

We have developed a service model that truly benefits our customers and we have the state-of-the-art technology to deliver that service reliably and efficiently. But first and foremost, we have an outstanding staff with one common value. What is that shared value? It is our dedication to our customers. We respect our client's business and understand that only by building your success will we succeed. This is what drives us to be innovative and creative each and every day.

Market Opportunity :
The US Public Procurement Market is a USD 220 billion market that is open to 10 million participating companies/individuals from all over North America. Every year, almost 3 million public procurement opportunities from federal, state and local governments are made available. This means that approximately 5000 to 8000 new business opportunities are released daily.. Unlike other competing services of this kind, LUFEX has the necessary technical as well as business skills to handle and provide large volumes of global public procurement information on a real time basis. LUFEX collects public procurement information and provides the information to world-class companies.

Our Service :

LUFEX is an integrated Business-to-Government information service provider. We are a one-stop shop where you can get all the information you need to do business with the government. You will be impressed not only by the quantity of information that covers such a wide range of industrial fields but also by the way that using LUFEX as your bid source will improve your marketing efforts.

LUFEX provides you with all you need from a bid source and more. When you take your valuable time to search for bids, LUFEX brings your attention to the right bid at the right time. When you need advanced government contract guidance, LUFEX is there with easy-to-understand statistical analysis. When you are looking for the right company to partner with to go after government business, LUFEX has a list of qualified teaming partners or subcontractors waiting for your business proposal, You can find other bid info sources, but no one that gives you more than LUFEX.

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Become a Partner
LUFEX, Inc. Alliance Partners fall into one of three categories: Content Partners, Software Partners, Platform Partners, and Consulting Partners.

  • Content Partners - LUFEX, Inc. Content Partners are providers of data and information services or other intellectual content that can be integrated with LUFEX, Inc. services to provide customers with more complete business information and intelligence. This category includes companies specializing in information, sales methodologies, research or other services that support sales, marketing and service professionals.

  • Consulting Partners - LUFEX, Inc. Consulting Partners are primarily private sector consultants that are experts in government contracting and proposal writing. This category also includes professional service providers in business management consulting, training, or financial advisors.

  • Technology Partners - LUFEX, Inc. Technology Partners are primarily IT solution companies that provide LUFEX, Inc. customers with highly efficient software solutions such as contents management, e-document, security, e-delivery and other value-added services. These solutions will be provided through LUFEX, Inc. web service in the near future to ensure the highest quality of services possible.

To Join the Alliance Program : LUFEX, Inc. Alliance Program is open to companies that participate in the B2G (Business to Government) service industry and e-commerce industry. To join, please write to our customer support team. Our staff at the Alliance Team will contact you as soon as possible.

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