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Friday, April 12
Subscription Help

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B2gmarket notifies you of the current status of your account when you sign in.
If you forgot your password, please go to password reminder.
If you forgot your id, please contact us.

Payment method - You can pay for your B2gmarket subscription fee by credit card.
If you need to change your payment information, please go to My Account. If you have any questions regarding payment, please send an email to our customer support team.
B2gmarket sends invoices automatically. Invoices are sent to only semi-annual and annual subscribers via email two weeks prior to the upcoming due date of the subscriber's account.
If you want to print out previous receipts, please go to My B2gmarket.

  Email Report and Delivery Options
Categories :
Categories are used to narrow down your search results. You can select the categories that best match your business, and only bid leads that fall within those business categories will be sent to you.
If you receive only a few bid leads that match your keywords, then you can browse all the bid leads that are in the categories of your choice.
In this way, you have a chance to find bid leads that do not match your keywords but still interest you.
Target business area :
Target business area means the states or regions where you would like receive the bid leads from.
When you select states or regions, only bid leads from the selected states or regions are sent to you via daily email.
As above, you can also browse bids from the region of your choice anytime you want.
Keywords :
Keywords are used to custom-search our database and to select only bid leads that match those keywords.
This ensures that you receive bid leads that are most relevant to you.
You can submit as many keywords as you want as long as the total number of characters does not exceed 3000. For more information on setting up keywords, please see our Search Guide.
Email delivery option :
In this section, you can select two preferences - delivery option and report format.
For delivery option, please select between "Email & Web" and "Web Only".
'Web' refers to 'Email Report' in MY B2gmarket where you can check your daily bid report in our web site.
For report format, please select between "HTML" and "PDF".

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