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Thursday, June 13
Email Alert Service

1. Joining Email Alert Service
B2gmarket sends an email that contains new bid leads that are custom-searched to meet each member's keywords, categories and target business area.
To receive daily email, you must be a registered B2gmarket member. If you are not yet registered with B2gmarket, please click here to register now.
During the registration, you will be asked to submit three vital pieces of information for daily email alert service - keywords, categories and business target area.

2. Receiving Email
Once you have set up your keywords, categories and business target area, you will soon be receiving the daily email. Daily emails are sent automatically.. You need to decide in what format you will receive the daily email. The daily email is available in two formats; HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) format and TEXT format.

  • HTML Email: To open and read HTML email, your email system must support HTML email format. HTML email format is recommended because it is more convenient and easier-to-read than the text format. Most email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Eudora support HTML. Also, popular email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail support HTML. If you receive HTML email but your email program/service does not support HTML, the email will look broken and illegible. To check if your email account supports HTML email formats, ask your email service provider.
  • TEXT Email: Using TEXT email format is recommended for those who do not use an email system that supports HTML. If you have problems receiving B2gmarket daily email in HTML, change the email format to TEXT by clicking here.
  • AOL Email: If you use America-On-Line as your default email address, please make sure that you have AOL browser version 6.0 or higher. Also, you must check whether your AOL email option is set to receive HTML email.
3. Change of Email Format
To change the email format from HTML to TEXT or vice versa, click here.

4. Broken Illegible Email
If B2gmarket daily email looks broken or illegbible, that is usually because your email system does not support HTML. Please check if your email system supports HTML format and it is set to receive HTML.
If your email system does not support HTML format, change your daily B2gmarket email format to TEXT by clicking here. If your email system does support HTML format, but the problem still occurs, please contact our technical support team.

5. Reading Email
Reading B2gmarket daily email is very straightforward. Bid leads are grouped by keywords.
All you need to do is just to click on the link of each bid lead. That will open up a new browser window and the full information on the bid lead will be shown. Once the bid lead is open, you can read the description, save the bid lead to My Bizfolder, download the related file (if there is one) or forward it to your colleagues for reference. If you need detailed information on how to read and understand bid leads, please click here.

6. Unsubscribing Email
If, for any reason, you would like to stop receiving B2gmarket daily email, you can unsubscribe to daily email here and select "Web Only" for your delivery option.
Please keep in mind that unsubscribing to B2gmarket daily email is different from canceling your membership. In other words, unsubscribing to B2gmarket daily email does not automatically cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, please send an email to our customer support team with your B2gmarket member ID.

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